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The Process
Every Project is different and I am happy to be flexible where possible.  For a quotation please                    with your project details.  For guidance, the general process is outlined below


Please make contact via Email sending me rough information about the project, including whether it is one room or more, what type of rooms they are, and what type of drawings you require.

I will then be able to send you a written quotation for the work, along with my lead times at the current time.


When you are ready- please send through all relevant information,  I have a guide for what is required for each type of drawing.

I will then start to work on your project as per the agreed time scale.

I often send through a screen shot of progress just to ensure that you are happy with how it is turning out.  Many designers want a "bare" -to scale floor plan sent through so that they can work on layouts and send back the info for me to complete. 

I try to be flexible a this stage and am happy to make minor amendments within reasonable boundaries.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 15.14.55.png

After amendments are made, and approved Iwill move on to the final stage of adding your drawing to a title page with your logo, as standard.


if we have agreed for dimensions and annotations to be added these will be completed.


If your drawing is a colour rendered one then this will be the next stage- I will need details of all materials and finishes for this.I  will produce the final watercolour rendering.

All drawings will be sent as either pdf's or Jpg files.

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 16.36.28.png
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