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I am Sarah Yates and I have been at the helm of Design Focus for nearly 20 years.

 I live in Gloucestershire with my husband and have three grown up children.

When I am not pouring over design magazines or whiling the hours away finding beautiful interior images on Pinterest I enjoy sailing, cooking and the occasional G&T

Sketch Up drawing bathroom elevation

I have worked as an Interior Designer for nearly 20 years, originally on my own and latterly as a freelance designer working with other companies.  When I started out as a designer, nothing was more exciting that taking on a new client- Ideas would pour into my head as to how to make their spaces work for them in a way that would improve their lives. However, what I didn’t have was good enough hand drawing skills to enable me to demonstrate to my client what their finished project would look like. I had to work hard to convey my ideas with mood boards, samples and mediocre drawings that took painstakingly long hours to produce. 

Fast forward a few years, and I discovered SketchUp and I was hooked.  I worked hard to learn as much as I could and to develop my skills in this area, knowing that it would open the door to being better able to communicate concepts to my clients.

During this process of learning I discovered that this was my new passion- I wanted to use my SketchUp skills to create illustrations that other designers can use for their client presentations, their marketing materials and their web site illustrations.

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