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Design Focus interior visualsation

Interior Design Visualisation

Design it - Draw it - See it

We can have the best idea in the world for our client’s project, but if we can’t communicate that idea to the client it can be frustrating.

Interior Designers use drawings to present their proposals- both technical drawings such as floor plans and elevations, and illustrative drawings to convey the overall scheme.

These drawings take time to produce,  require up to date software and a certain level of skill 

Client's expectations are high these days and therefore many Designers are now outsourcing this part of their process in order to streamline their services and to ensure that their design presentations are of a high standard, which in turn can attract more clients.

By out sourcing drawing services Designers then have the time and freedom to be as creative as they want to be with the design aspect of a project without having to worry about how to actually 
communicate the ideas to their clients.


Office elevation in Ps copy.png

As well as technical drawing services Design Focus can turn your ideas into creative, watercolour style computer designed illustrations that you can use for client presentations to communicate your proposals to your clients.  These illustrations can also used in your marketing materials and on your website.  

Every project is different so please                   with your requirements so that I can send a quotation.

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